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Community Cause

Helping Mississippi Children with Critical Diseases

Our agency has seen growth in the number of children in our area affected by life-changing or life-threatening diseases and disabilities. Pediatric cancer represents one of the most terrifying challenges facing children in our community, and 16,000 new cases of childhood cancer are diagnosed each year in our country.

We are launching a campaign to help provide support to the families of all young people in Flowood who are overcoming a serious medical condition.

Ambassadors for Children in Need

Our team here at Insurance Protection Specialists is proud to represent the #AgentsofChange movement as a Regional Ambassador, and our goals are to help provide support services to children in the area overcoming major medical conditions, to improve the quality of life of hospitalized pediatric patients, and to ensure ample resources are directed toward research efforts into new cures or treatments for diseases and disabilities affecting children.

We have a lot to do, and we won’t be able to finish it without your help.

How You Can Help the Cause

What we need is for you to help us share information about this campaign with more people in our community. We’re asking you to refer in your friends and family so we can give them a free insurance consultation and talk to them more about our efforts to help local children. For every person you send, we will make a contribution IN YOUR NAME to a local program that provides real help to sick or disabled children.

We Look Forward to Working Together

We hope you decide to be part of our effort to support children and families in the Flowood area who are dealing with challenging medical situations, and we look forward to hearing from you.


Bubba Howell

Insurance Protection Specialists

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