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What Our Customers Say

“Very good customer service I was made to feel like a special customer every time I contacted them!”

Amy F.

“Very friendly, helpful and a fantastic saving!”

Brendon B.

“IPS has earned my trust! With that said, I don't have to worry about my insurance coverages. In addition, since they are independent of the insurance companies, they are impartial toward the various companies. I discuss it with an agent, and the agent does the research and finds the best coverage for the lowest price that meets my needs. It does not get any better than that!”

Dorothy D.

“Everyone I spoke to was very helpful. Dina went above and beyond to check my coverages and helped me adjust them to provide me with insurance products I needed. She was so wonderful; you should give her a promotion”

Ellen W.

“I love how everything is handled so efficiently and smoothly. We never have to worry about anything.”

Stacey M.